January 29, 2017

About GPAA

The Gold Prospectors Association (GPAA) was founded in 1968 to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Prospector. The GPAA was also dedicated to providing a platform for the exchange of information, presenting an organized voice for recreational and professional prospectors and helping it’s members find more gold.

Today, the GPAA has become the worlds largest prospecting organization, but our goals haven’t changed one bit. Through television, the internet and print media, the GPAA today provides more information and is a more effective organized voice that ever before. GPAA programs provide placesto go, local support, free information service and much more.

The GPAA’s Alaska Expedition is a unique, annual Far North wilderness experience. Since 1982, the Gold Prospectors Association of America has been escorting its members north to mining camps on the Seward Peninsula.
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