January 29, 2017


The best way to join our club and the GPAA is to take advantage of the Prospectors Special. This special includes a one-year membership; a 14″ professional Gold Catcher gold pan A subscriptions to the Gold Prospector magazine and the Pick & Shovel Gazette; a current GPAA Mining Guide and Prospecting Permit, GPAA field cap; window decal, bumper sticker, membership card and snuffer bottle; and a 60 minute Sure-Fire Panning Method s VHS video. The Prospectors Special is a popular and inexpensive way to begin this rapidly-growing, rewarding form of outdoor family recreation. Best of all, your GPAA membership is a family membership. Guests (no more than four at a time, please) also are welcome with you on GPAA-listed properties. So get in touch with one of the people listed and join today!

Chapter Secretary:
Debi Gagemeier