January 29, 2017

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Senate Property Rights CHAMPIONS !

Conservancy Gets Land Trust Alliance Grant

Interior Chief Encourages Private Conservation

Protecting Open Space Tiadaghton Forest Gains 362 Acres

It’s Not Just The Feds Who Are After Your Land

Senate Betrayal Creates “Son of CARA” Monster

More land closures in CA

“Invasive Species Land Grab Scam”

Invasive Species is a Federal proposal that will expand and steadily eliminate the rights of property owners.  For more information on this go to http://www.landrights.org/invasive_species/invasive1.htm



By Dr. Michael S. Coffman Ph. D.
January 22, 2004

As the United Nations restructures itself to become a world government vis-a-vis global governance, it is being formed around the principles of sustainable development as defined by Agenda 21 . Signed by the U.S. during the Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro in 1992, Agenda 21 is a 40-chapter manifesto to reorganize the world using socialist and pantheistic principles to protect Earth .

Agenda 21 represents a major fundamental change in the role of government in social and land-use policy. Under its concept of sustainability, the primary purpose of government will no longer be to serve the people. Rather, the focus of Agenda 21 is to protect nature from people. Governance will be by consensus among “stakeholders and partnerships.” The concept of elected representation that holds the government accountable to the citizens will be eliminated.

To read the rest of the story go to http://newswithviews.com/Coffman/mike6.htm

Just a quick note from Sunken Treasure Scuba Center to let you know that we have a class starting Sunday, February 8th at 6:00pm at the Milton YMCA.  Now is the time to have your friends get in a class so that when the weather breaks this spring they can get their open water dives in and not waste time in a swimming pool in the summer months. We will be diving at Stewart Coves in Bahamas from Oct 26th to Nov 2.  A $100.00 deposit holds your spot.  If you want more information go to our web site at http://DiveStsc.com   or call Rich at 570-398-1458 This trip is open to divers and non-divers alike and something a little special will be a group of metal detectorist joining us to beach hunt.

Your FMDAC Needs Your Help in a Rally Now
Michigan recently changed the regulations regarding metal detecting on state overseen lands and the new regulations are very restrictive. The Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs, Inc. (FMDAC) is going to phone/letter/e-mail blitz the department head that issued the regulation change and we are asking for your help. If you will take a few minutes and go to: http://www.fmdac.com/larry/ where the web site will explain everything to you. Georgia also recently changed their regulations to pretty much eliminate detecting. Other states are watching what is going on in Michigan and if we let Michigan fall uncontested, there will be many more states that will follow suit. While helping out the Michigan detectorists, we will also be helping ourselves. We ask that you contact every member of your club and pass along the information. We also ask that your friends and relatives who are willing to help should also be informed. There is an old Ethiopian proverb that says, “If enough spider webs can be woven together, they can stop a charging lion.” If enough of us work together, we can make great changes. I guess that just about sums it up. Sent to us by Larry Armstrong

Endangered Species Sound Science Act – HR 4840 – was APPROVED by the House Resources Committee on Wednesday by a vote of 22 to 18!
Property Rights Champions Rep. Richard Pombo and Rep. Greg Walden, along with committee chairman Rep. Jim Hansen and many others (SEE BELOW) gained approval for HR 4840. This bill requires sound, honest scientific data along with public disclosure in order to propose listing an endangered species. That sounds like common sense to any reasonable person. But of course, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) has very little to do with common sense, and a lot to do with hysteria and emotion. Proposed improvements to the ESA listing process include:

a) preference for field tested and peer reviewed data;
b) including historical context such as population trends, ranges, and fluctuations;
c) including data from all sources, not just what the feds choose to accept;
d) independent scientific review; and
e) public access to the listing process.

This bill helps EVERYONE who has to deal with this unreasonable law. Private property rights are helped because a species will have to actually be endangered to be listed, and it will be nearly impossible to use falsified data, as is done now by government agencies. ALSO, recreational and commercial access to public lands is helped tremendously. The extremist enviros will find it much more difficult to shut down federal lands and keep everyone out if they have to use real, field tested, peer reviewed scientific data. John Peterson (R-PA) john.peterson@mail.house.gov Was one of twenty-two HEROES who voted YES in favor of HR 4840:

*** “Heritage Area” Zoning Bill Alert!***

Scheduled for House Floor Vote Within TWO WEEKS!!! YOUR Hard Work Seriously Wounded it in Committee More Hard Work Can Help Kill it On the House Floor


As early as the week of July 15, the House of Representatives will consider legislation attacking private property rights. This time it is HR 2388, the Heritage Areas Act, sponsored by liberal Republican Rep. Joel Hefley (R-CO) and liberal Democrat Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV).

As usual, there is really no difference between the two political parties – BOTH will sell out your property rights UNLESS they hear from you!

HR 2388 superimposes federal control over local zoning in exchange for grant money from Washington, D.C. Liberal Republican Hefley insists that federal money will not lead to federal control, and that private property that falls within Heritage Area boundary lines will not be negatively impacted. Hefley has apparently either just fallen off a turnip truck, or has been in Washington, DC for
much too long. Heritage Area lands are controlled by the National Park Service – the most anti-private property agency in the federal government!


Hefley was not willing to have his bill questioned or challenged during hearings. He rejected all requests for bill opponents to testify, and allowed only land-grabbing environmental groups and federal bureaucrats to have a say. In October of 2001, Hefley attacked the American Land Rights Association (ALRA) by name for not working with him on the bill. Then just two weeks later, he rejected ALRA’s request to testify – for the third time!!! Carol LaGrasse of the Property Rights Foundation of America also requested to testify and was rejected. Here is part of the testimony that Joel Hefley does not want you to hear – here is what Carol LaGrasse WOULD have said about HR 2388 – IF – she had been permitted to testify: “Heritage Areas require a contract between a local government entity and the U.S. Secretary of the Interior to manage the land-use of the region for preservation. This means federal control of zoning, either directly, by the terms of the management compact, or indirectly, by the use of funds dispensed by preservation agencies to influence zoning under a seductive porkbarrel system. “The iron-clad zoning is enforced locally, with the home-rule seemingly preserved, but private property owners rights diminished and locally generated land-use patterns foreclosed.”


The National Coal Region Heritage Area in West Virginia: Residents of Hinton, West Virginia lobbied for ten years for funding to repair a potholed road. They finally gained the funds. Then AFTER the funds were approved, the National Park Service (NPS) announced that because it was part of a “Heritage Area,” the road would be a Scenic Highway. As a Scenic Highway, this means that NPS can use eminent domain power to seize property and destroy the homes along the road if they do not fit into the Heritage Area’s management plan. The NPS intends to condemn the property and force out of their homes the VERY SAME local residents who lobbied for the road funding in the first place!!!! THANK YOU Heritage Area! Check out the Sisters of the River in Hinton, West Virginia at: http://www.inlibertyandfreedom.com/rshs.htm Although this bill was approved by the House Resources Committee on June 25, it was done with great controversy. Property Rights Champion Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) offered an amendment requiring private property owners be notified when their property falls within within a proposed Heritage Area. This common sense amendment by Rep.Pombo only lost by a narrow 19-21 margin. Liberal Republican Hefley and a handful of his liberal Republican SELLOUTS voted with the Democrats to defeat the amendment. With strong grass roots support from folks like you, this amendment can pass when this bill reaches the House Floor in July. Your help is also needed to defeat an amendment by Rep. Rahall (D-WV) that would allow funds in this bill to seize private property and allow the use of condemnation!

FIRST ACTION ITEM: Contact your Congressman at 202-224-3121 and ask that he SUPPORT the Pombo Landowner Notification Amendment to HR 2388 and OPPOSE the Rahall Land-Grab amendment to the same bill. Call your friends and neighbors also to get them to call. You may call any Congressman at the Capitol Switchboard — (202) 224-3121 or the temporary FREE NUMBER (800) 648-3516.

SECOND ACTION ITEM: Contact the Republican Leadership and urge them not to bring up this land-grabbing bill that threatens property rights. Tell them NO to HR 2388, NO Heritage Area federal zoning!!!

House Speaker Denny Hastert (202-225-0600) Fax 202-225-0697

Majority Leader Dick Armey (202-225-4000) Fax 202-226-8100

Majority Whip Tom DeLay (202-225-0197) Fax 202-225-5241

Asst. Majority Whip Roy Blunt (202-225-6536) Fax 202-225-5604

Regular mail address for all above:
(Name and title)
Capitol Building
Washington, DC 20515

Coalition proposes adding 400,000 acres to Oregon wilderness
The Associated Press
4/3/02 9:34 PM

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A coalition of environmental groups has launched a campaign to have more than 400,000 acres of federal land in Oregon designated as wilderness this year.
The Oregon Wilderness Coalition ultimately wants 4.8 million acres of Oregon land designated as wilderness, putting it off limits to machines and vehicles, development and resource extraction such as logging or mining. The coalition consists of 130 conservation organizations led by the Oregon Natural Resources Council. Organizers said they have widespread support among Oregon residents, businesses and citizens groups. “We believe the time for new wilderness in Oregon is now,” Susan Ash, ONRC’s wilderness campaign director, said Wednesday. The coalition hopes to win the support of Oregon’s congressional delegation. But since this is an election year, the coalition’s plan may be a tough sell.
U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Portland who hosted a forum on the subject Wednesday night, said his decision whether to sponsor a 2002 Oregon wilderness bill will depend on the depth of public support for the ONRC’s plan, and “how broadly we can make something acceptable to other people in the delegation.” “This is an area of deep concern to me and to lots of people that I represent,” he said. However, he said, “I am not interested in advancing something that doesn’t have a real possibility of being enacted.” Josh Kardon, chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, said the senator is interested in the proposal but is not ready to sponsor a wilderness bill in the Senate. “Anything Congressman Blumenauer could get passed in the House, Sen. Wyden would look at very carefully,” Kardon said. But, he added, “Given the very short amount of time that’s left in the session … I wouldn’t think the chances are great of getting a lot accomplished.” “That could change in a hurry, if the groups find support from both sides of the aisle,” Kardon said. The last major wilderness designation in Oregon was creation of the 170,000-acre Steens Mountain Wilderness in 2000. Ten percent of Washington is designated as wilderness, while 13 percent of California is wilderness. Oregon, by contrast, has just 3.6 percent of its 62 million acres carrying a wilderness designation, according to the ONRC.
The new wilderness plan proposes to designate 400,919 acres stretching from the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest in northeast Oregon to the Malheur National Forest in the southeast part of the state to the Siuslaw National Forest in the southwest corner of Oregon. Under a 1964 Wildnerness Act, wilderness is defined as federal land that is undeveloped and “untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.” The largest proposed areas are 47,000 acres along the Rogue River, 23,000 acres around Soda Mountain, 30,000 acres along the crest of the Siskiyou Mountains, and about 27,000 acres of additions to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness — all in southern Oregon. Also included are 30,000 acres at Sutton Mountain in the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Prineville district, and 36,219 acres at Murderers Creek in the Malheur National Forest. In all, 28 new wilderness areas would be created on land managed by the U.S. Forest Service and the BLM. Jim Geisinger, executive vice president of Associated Oregon Loggers, said the wilderness proposal is an attempt to lock up land that belongs to all Oregonians. “What the ONRC is trying to do is put the final nail in the coffin of how we manage public lands,” he said. “They want a zero cut of timber harvesting on the national forests.”
Chris West, spokesman for the American Forest Resource Council, said, “This is nothing more than an end-run on the roadless rule that is currently being addressed by the courts.” Before leaving office in January 2001, President Clinton declared 58.5 million acres nationwide “roadless,” a lesser protection than wilderness. That policy included 1.9 million acres in Oregon. The Bush administration is reviewing the roadless policy, which is also being fought over in federal court.
On the Net:
Oregon Wild Campaign: www.onrc.org/info/orwild.html
Associated Oregon Loggers: http://www.oregonloggers.org
Copyright 2002 Associated Press. All rights reserved.

What’s Next?
As some people will tell you we are not fighting for our rights to prospect but so we don’t continue to lose the rights we have. Case in point: National Parks May Limit Snowmobilers Washington (AP) The National Park Service is proposing that snowmobilers be banned or their numbers greatly reduced at Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks. Critics say snowmobilers disrupt wildlife and pollute the air. Supporters say the environmental threat is overstated and snowmobilers bring needed revenue to communities around the parks. The park service study, which will be open to public comment before a final version is drafted in November, lays out four alternatives.
* Phase out snowmobilers beginning in December, with a full ban effective in the winter of 2003-04.
* Begin phasing out snowmobilers in 2003-04, with a full ban in 2004-05.
* Cap the number of snowmobilers at 500 and make them meet stricter emission standards by 2005.
* Cap the number at 330, require stricter emission standards and require snowmobilers to travel with a Park Service guide.

I guess the question is what form of recreation is next, where and how much of your tax dollars will go to parks that you can’t use. If you want Congressman or Senator to know your opinion use this site. http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/

New Land Grab
This lousy plan will affect all of us no matter where we live because it will set bad precedents that will result in reduced access to the public’s lands and resources. Help us stop this by signing a petition. You can do it in less than a minute.. Please click on the attached link for more details. http://www.usa-all.com

As Americans, we should have been astounded by the recent findings that federal officials intentionally planted hair from the threatened Canadian lynx in our national forests in order to impose sweeping land management regulations. We should have been shocked at the audacity of government employees to falsify evidence in order to advance their environmental agenda, and even more perplexed at the lackluster response from their respective agencies when the transgressions were brought to light. More of this story at http://www.newsmax.com/columnists/Alden.shtml
THANK Congressman John Peterson for investigating ESA scams, tell him to keep up the good work! For email, go to: http://www.house.gov/johnpeterson

Bio Fraud
Sign the petition to Stop Bio-fraud, Investigate ESA Input Data http://www.PetitionOnline.com/biolynx/petition.html